House Cleaning Services Halifax 3 Best House Cleaning Services In Halifax, Ns

Oh boy, cleaning your house can be a real drag, am I right? But fear not, my fellow lazy people, as I have done some research and found the 3 best house cleaning services in Halifax, NS! And I’m gonna share them with you in my signature funny tone. Ready? Let’s go!

Grace’s Home Cleaning

First up, we have Grace’s Home Cleaning. Look at that smiley lady in their logo, she must be happy with their service or maybe she’s just happy because the cleaning is finally over. Either way, if you hire Grace’s Home Cleaning, you might end up with a smile too (disclaimer: not a guarantee, please don’t sue me). Check out their website for more info, but beware, it might make your house look even dirtier in comparison to their sparkling clean pictures.

Grace's Home Cleaning


Next on the list is ThreeBestRated. Bet you didn’t see that coming, huh? They’re like the reliable friend who always knows the best places to eat. Except they won’t actually come clean your house for you, sorry. They do, however, provide expert recommendations for house cleaning services in Halifax, so you can make an informed decision (wow, I sound so responsible right now). They even have a video on their website, in case you’re tired of reading my hilarious commentary.


Ottawa Homes Services Group

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “Why are you talking about a cleaning service in Ottawa when we’re looking for ones in Halifax? Did you even do your research?” Hear me out, this one’s called Ottawa Homes Services Group, but they also offer home cleaning services in Halifax, so technically it counts. Plus, their website is so fancy, it’s almost intimidating. It’s like the high-end spa of cleaning services. Maybe they’ll even give you cucumbers for your eyes while they clean your house (note: I have no proof of this, it’s just wishful thinking).

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Ottawa Homes Services Group

Now that we’ve covered the 3 best house cleaning services in Halifax, I bet you’re wondering how to make the most of their services, huh? Lucky for you, I’ve got some tips, ideas, and how-tos coming your way.


  • Declutter your house before the cleaning service arrives. It’ll save them time and you money.
  • Communicate your expectations clearly. If you have any specific requests or areas that need extra attention, let them know in advance.
  • If you have pets, make arrangements for them to be out of the house during the cleaning service. It’ll make the cleaners’ job easier and your pet happier.


  • Throw a “cleaning party”. Invite your friends over and have a cleaning service come in to help you get your house spick and span. Then reward yourselves with pizza and beer (or your beverage of choice).
  • Give the gift of cleaning. If you know someone who could use a break from cleaning, a gift card for a cleaning service would be a thoughtful and practical gift.
  • Start a cleaning service review blog. You’ve already done the research, why not share your findings with the world?


Now, if you’re feeling extra ambitious and want to clean your house yourself (weird flex, but okay), here are some steps to follow:

  1. Start with the decluttering process. This is the perfect opportunity to Marie Kondo your life.
  2. Clean from top to bottom, meaning start with the ceilings and walls and work your way down to the floors.
  3. Use the right cleaning supplies for each surface. Don’t mix bleach and ammonia because it can create toxic fumes (learned that the hard way).
  4. Take breaks when you need to. Cleaning can be tiring and overwhelming, so don’t push yourself too hard.
  5. Reward yourself when you’re done. You deserve it!
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And there you have it, folks. The 3 best house cleaning services in Halifax, some tips, ideas, and how-tos for cleaning your house, all wrapped up in my signature funny tone. Now go forth and keep your house clean…or hire someone else to do it.

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