Tile and Grout Cleaning

Best Tile/Grout Cleaning Services in Melbourne, VIC

Tile/Grout Cleaning

Utilising state of the art professional Truck mounted machines and high pressure tile spinners, ensures the most thorough cleaning process as well as a nearly dry floor by the time we finish. Dirt can penetrate grout as well as stain it, regular mopping will simply not budge the dirt, our process will.. Not to mention, it is extremely satisfying to watch 🙂


Tile and Grout Cleaning Services



Working Process

Exclusive 5 Steps Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Our powerful and exclusive 5 step cleaning process will restore your tile and grout to a like new condition. This process will remove those stubborn stains and years of soil build up safely, effectively and economically.

Pre-treat tile and grout

We assess the grout and decide on the best cleaning solution to use.


Power scrub surfaces of tile and grout

Heavy build up of oil and dirt may require the use of a scrubbing machine.


Turbo rinse

Our truckmounted machines will rinse the dirt out from every pore.


Speed dry/inspection

We inspect all areas to see if any additional treatments are required to remove stains.


Grout Preservation System

We can apply a sealer if so requested to make future mop cleaning more effective and keep it cleaner longer.


Our tile and grout cleaners are specialized for toughest cleaning jobs and fully equipped with latest equipment. We got special offer for commercial jobs, so what you are waiting for, pick up phone and call us now